Sten Pärnits Joins the Board of Mainor Ülemiste

With the decision of the supervisory board of Mainor Ülemiste, Sten Pärnits, who has been fulfilling the duties of a member of the supervisory board until now, will commence his role on the management board of the company on October 21. His areas of responsibility will be sales, customer experience management and administrative matters.

"Mainor is a family business with a long history, yet with a forward-looking vision. We have successfully managed all the companies in the group based on our values. The decision to appoint Sten as a board member of Mainor Ülemiste is a natural progression. From the owner's perspective, his involvement in Mainor Ülemiste's management will aid in making more strategic decisions and achieving ambitious goals," commented Guido Pärnits, chairman of Mainor Ülemiste's supervisory board.

Sten Pärnits is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tartu and is currently pursuing studies in business finance at TalTech. He has been an active member of Mainor Ülemiste's supervisory board for a decade.

His history with the company extends back as far as he can remember. "I could technically say that I am one of the company's longest-serving employees because I began working almost 20 years ago as a young boy under the guidance of my grandfather, Ülo Pärnits, pulling weeds and cutting bushes in Rekman. I also assembled furniture parts and worked as a warehouseman in Askala. Additionally, I served as Ülo's secretary," Pärnits recalled. Even as a supervisory board member, he remained closely involved in Mainor Ülemiste's daily activities, overseeing the development of Ülemiste City health centers and attracting healthcare service providers to the campus. "However, as a board member of Mainor Ülemiste, I can now apply my previous experience more effectively in my new area of responsibility. As the owner's representative, my goal is to maintain a clear focus on consistently implementing the long-term strategy," added Pärnits.

According to Ursel Velve, the CEO of Mainor Ülemiste, Sten Pärnits joining the board undeniably brings a fresh perspective to the company's management. "Through the development of our health centers and services, Sten has demonstrated a remarkable ability to make Ülemiste City an attractive hub for service providers. In his role as the leader of the entire customer experience, Sten can unlock the full potential of Ülemiste City on an even larger scale," he noted.

Velve deeply appreciates the contributions of Julius Stokas, who is departing from the company. "Julius has played a significant role in the company's growth for nearly six years, with the last two years as a board member overseeing customer experience, sales, and administrative matters. With Julius's assistance, we have established campus accommodation services and successfully brought new companies into the Ülemiste City community. I am very grateful to Julius for his contribution."

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